Fall into Power Apps Portals

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A full day of Power Apps Portals learning - Join our group of experts from Microsoft and the Power Platform community across the globe to discuss all things Power Apps Portals! Because we have excellent speakers from all over the world, we are breaking our sessions into two groups of presenters, each kicked off with guests from the Microsoft Portals team!

Course Module Details


Join Dileep for some insights into Power Apps Portals upcoming features!

  • Keynote - Video
    30 Minutes 

    Dileep Singh image
    Dileep Singh

    Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Intro to Power Apps portals

Model Driven and Canvas based Power Apps provide incredibly powerful tools for building business applications for internal users. What about external audiences such as customers and partners? In October 2019, Power Apps Portals became generally available as a way for external stakeholders to interact with CDS data. This technology is actually the Dynamics 365 Portals platform with some new enhancements. This session provides an introduction to building a Model Driven App and the steps to expose it to an external audience via Power Apps Portals.

  • Intro to Power Apps portals - Video
    30 Minutes 

    Nick Doelman image
    Nick Doelman

    MVP. Dad. Husband. Canadian. Beer connoisseur. Passionate about Power Platform, Power Apps and Powerlifting.

Structuring innovation with a Power Apps Portal

Innovation Norway have built a platform for the Norwegian Innovation Clusters on Power Apps Portals. The portal has followed the product through thick and thin the last 3 years and are on the bleeding edge of what is possible to do with portals.

  • Structuring innovation with a Power Apps Portal
    60 Minutes 

    Ulrikke Akerbæk image
    Ulrikke Akerbæk

    I have been working with Portals every day since Microsoft bought Adxstudio in 2015. As the lead front-end developer, designer, architect and product adviser in portal projects the last two years I have learned with the product as it grew up.

PowerApps Portal Tools

I suggest in this one just how to present different plugins we have in the XRMToolbox and that are always useful. How to deliver from an environment to another for example, that we shouldn't forget the modifiedon when we have many files in a web file etc ...

  • PowerApps Portal Tools - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Amira Beldjilali image
    Amira Beldjilali

    6 years experience on Dynamics 365 CE solutions with a technical background

Managing multi-lingual Portals

In this session, I will explain in details the multi-language capabilities in Power Apps Portals covering the following topics: How to enable multi-language Translating CDS elements Translating Portal elements Existing challenges (lookups / views / subgrids) Portals Translation Manager (XrmToolBox - yet to be released)

  • Managing multi-lingual Portals - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Oliver Rodrigues image
    Oliver Rodrigues

    I am passionate for technology and the entire Power Platform. I've been working with Portals for three years and love to share my knowledge with the community.

Project Best Practices & Tips from FastTrack

Learn about tips for Successful Portals Project from the lead of Portal V-Team at FastTrack - which is a Best Practices team inside Microsoft Business Application Engineering & Product Group. How do I know I have a good solution fit? How should I prepare? What skillsets does my project need? How to ensure Go Live Ready-ness? And more!

  • Project Best Practices & Tips from FastTrack - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Nikita Polyakov image
    Nikita Polyakov

    Solution Architect in FastTrack for Dynamics 365 CE at Microsoft been leading Portals community at Microsoft helpful customer success.

WebAPI, Liquid Reactions and other fun JavaScript samples in PowerApps Portals

In this session we will look into the recently released Portals WebAPI, a cool editable grid using jscript and other samples using React!

  • WebAPI, Liquid Reactions and other fun JavaScript in PowerApps Portals - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Victor Dantas image
    Victor Dantas

    Accomplished Software Developer Engineer (MCPD .NET 4.0, Azure and Dynamics CRM Certified Developer)

Authentication in Power Apps Portals

While anonymous access can be useful, the real "power" of Power Apps Portals is letting people login and interact with their data. Portals supports a multitude of different options when it comes to how the users can login - in this session, we'll cover why you don't want to use the built-in Local Authentication, we'll do an overview of supported external identity providers/protocols, and we'll look at the new interface Microsoft recently released to make the configuration much less error prone. We'll also do a live demonstration of how to setup Microsoft's preferred authentication solution, Azure AD B2C. Authentication is something you need to deal with in every single Power Apps Portals project, and it can be a bit scary - join us for this session to take away a little bit of that fear!

  • Authentication in Power Apps Portals
    60 Minutes 

    Nicholas Hayduk image
    Nicholas Hayduk

    As the founder of Engineered Code, I lead a team with expertise in web development and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagemen

Deploy your Powerapps Portal with ease

Configuration data is the heart of a Powerapps Portal and traditionally we would use the Configuration Migration tool to lift and shift this data across instances. Now lets implement a strategy to automate this process!

  • Deploy your Powerapps Portal with ease - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Eugene van Staden image
    Eugene van Staden

    Based in Christchurch New Zealand where as a Business Applications Practice Lead at Intergen I see and experience a lot of interesting things working with the Power Platform.

The Liquid Programming language and Extend capabilities with Scripting

In this session, I will cover the Liquid Programming language and how to create pages from scratch. I will also cover the advantages of using scripts to extend the capabilities and overcome limitations in Power Apps Portals. The session will include live demo on how to build the functionality with explanation about each components. The audience will have a better understanding of how the pieces are linked in Power Apps Portals using Liquid Templates and how to filter data based on conditions and form validations

  • The Liquid Programming language and Extend capabilities with Scripting - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Ritika Agarwal image
    Ritika Agarwal

    I am a cloud specialist with an overall IT industry experience of 3 years. I have worked on Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Docker, AWS and etc.