Power Platform 24 Conference October 2020

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Join Power Platform enthusiasts from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your time-zone. Did you miss the event? No problem, watch all 24 sessions whenever you want!

Course Module Details

Making your apps teams ready

So you know the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform integration with Teams, in this session we will take it to the next level: -Identifying if users are team members or owners -matching the light/dark mode of the teams app -dynamically selecting the planner and channel of the app for seamless team integration

  • Making your apps teams ready - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Joel Lindstrom image
    Joel Lindstrom

    12 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Multilingual PowerApps

Around the World in 60 minutes - How to create Enterprise-wide

  • Multilingual PowerApps - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Haniel Croitoru image
    Haniel Croitoru

    Enterprise Architect and Microsoft MVP with over 15 years of experience in Office 365 and SharePoint. Since 2003 I have been focusing on SharePoint, delivering solutions and contributing as a SharePoint consultant, project manager, business analyst, and traine

Project Oakdale

Reimagining building Power Apps on Project Oakdale - more to come!

  • Project Oakdale - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Brian Dang image
    Brian Dang

    Tweets about education, tech, and #PowerApps || Microsoft Power Apps PM || #PowerAddict || ダンゴ先生 🍡 || Views and opinions are my own

From Zero To ALM In Demos

New to Solutions and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)? Source control and automated deployment is for low code too. In this demo centered session you'll see: • What solutions are and how to start using them • Automate the use of source control even for your low code apps • Use DevOps to package and deploy your apps • Automate the use of Solution Checker for your apps • Use Power Automate to control DevOps • What's on the roadmap to make this functionality better If you've been using Power Apps at any level, by the end of this session you'll understand how to use Solutions and Azure DevOps to ensure your apps are protected in source control and your apps can be automatically deployed to other environments like test and production.

  • From Zero To ALM In Demos - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Phil Topness image
    Phil Topness

    Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power Platform

Intro to Power BI

For anyone new to Power BI, we'll cover all the main features and walk through getting data into the tool (using both the desktop and online versions), creating visualizations, turning them into reports and adding them to dashboards. When we're through we'll have several BI components available to share via the Cloud!

  • Intro to Power BI - Video
    60 Minutes 

    David Patrick image
    David Patrick

    Dave has been developing database applications for over 30 years. An MCT since 2001, he has taught many classes from Intro to Visual Interdev to Advanced SharePoint Development.

CRM is dead. Long live Power Apps!

I have been building unique line of business applications for years using Dynamics CRM as the platform. It's a little known fact that the technology used for Dynamics CRM and configuration is the foundation for the Common Data Service and model-driven Power Apps. The benefit today? You don't need get expensive Dynamics 365 licenses if your organization doesn't need them, but you can get all the same features and functionalities of the core Dynamics CRM app by building model-driven Power Apps on the Common Data Service (for a fraction of Dynamics 365 licensing costs). Added benefit is being able to extend those apps using Power Automate, Canvas-apps and other Power Platform technologies. Attend this session to learn how you can implement a "CRM" that fits your organization's needs!

  • You need a Power App - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Nick Doelman image
    Nick Doelman

    MVP. Dad. Husband. Canadian. Beer connoisseur. Passionate about Power Platform, Power Apps and Powerlifting.

A-Z: 26 Power Apps Tips

In this session, we will look at 26 Power Apps tips that will help make app makers create better apps!

  • A-Z: 26 Power Apps Tips - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Hardit Bhatia image
    Hardit Bhatia

    I am an Electrical Engineer with a MBA in Finance. With over 10 years’ experience in creating and implementing business applications and a deep interest in tasks involving analytical thinking, Power Platform is the world I had been dreaming of since a very long time! When I got introduced to the Power Platform, it took me no time to get addicted an

Building a Beer Bot

Introduction to Power Virtual Agent - In this session we will look at how I used PVA to build a bot that helps you choose and order a beer from a local brewery!

  • Building a Beer Bot - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Emma D'Arcy image
    Emma D'Arcy

    Bringing my colourful approach to the world of Business Applications

Power Apps Delegation

What is delegation? Walk though of delegation with respect to SharePoint as a data source Demo - Delegation with SharePoint Best practices Tips & Tricks Learning Materials

  • Power Apps Delegation - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Reza Dorrani image
    Reza Dorrani

    Reza Dorrani is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Principal Consultant at Catapult Systems

PCF spot the difference

Although the Power Apps Framework is the same between Canvas and Model Apps - the two hosts have differing opinions and expectations of how a PCF control should behave. Join Scott to find out more!

  • PCF spot the difference - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Scott Durow image
    Scott Durow

    Scott is a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP specializing in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

Power Platform, Pictures and AI

Live-build a Power App with integration with Microsoft's Cognitive Services to find your celebrity lookalike. We'll use Power Apps, Cognitive Services, Power Automate, and create custom connectors to showcase the power of the platform using NO CODE! Concepts learned easily apply to OCR, Object Recognition, Form Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Content Moderation, and pretty much every other API.

  • Pictures and AI - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Aiden Kaskela image
    Aiden Kaskela

    Microsoft MVP, Dynamics 365 Consultant & Developer

Introduction to Security Concepts

Security is one of the most important components of administering your Dynamics system. But where to begin? We will discuss the basics of permissions, roles, teams and more. Of course, this will be all topped off with best practices and tips for success!

  • Introduction to Security Concepts - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Kylie Kiser image
    Kylie Kiser

    Kylie Kiser is a 2 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP and has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2010. In this time, she has assisted with an upgrade for a system with 1,500+ users as well as worked on and refined complex customizations

Integration Strategies

Talk over various approaches to integrating systems with Power Platform Apps

  • Integration Strategies for Power Platform Apps - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Sheila Shahpari image
    Sheila Shahpari

    Sheila Shahpari is a software engineer and Microsoft Business Applications MVP

Live Power BI reports in MDA

Recently it became possible to do DirectQuery on a Common Data Service database in Power BI opening the door for visually stunning LIVE reports inside your Model Driven app. We'll walk through this yet another way to get your CDS data into Power BI and how to take advantage of. We will also go through the pros and cons of DirectQuery to decide when to use this connection method vs for example the CDS connector.

  • Live Power BI reports in Model-Driven Apps - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Ulrik B. Carlsson image
    Ulrik B. Carlsson

    20 years of doing CRM stuff. Very fond of charts.

Design Thinking & the Power Platform

Digital business transformation is challenging. It's not just about implementing digital solutions; it is about human needs at its very core. Design thinking is a human centred approach to innovation and combined with the Microsoft Power Platform can be a powerful and effective combination for tackling common digital transformation challenges. This session discusses how to solve the right problems with the right solutions, reduce risk, improve user adoption, increase business impact and more with a design thinking approach.

  • Design Thinking & the Power Platform - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Hamish Shield image
    Hamish Shield

    Dynamics 365 \ Power Platform consultant and practice manager

Customer Insights with Power Platform

In this session, we will see an overview of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and how to bring the actionable insights into Power Apps and Power Automate to get a holistic 360 degree view of customer and take next best action.

  • Customer Insights with Power Apps and Power Automate - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Manonmani V S image
    Manonmani V S

    I find myself to be an active speaker, community contributor and co-leading ASEANS Microsoft BizApps UG. I co-organize UG talks/hackathons in ASEAN countries.

Working with Complex Data Types

In this session we have a look at displaying, editing and saving values from Lookups, Polymorphic lookups, optionsets and multi-select optionsets.

  • Working with Complex Data Types - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Roohi Shaikh image
    Roohi Shaikh

    CEO, Inogic

Introduction to Microsoft RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology present on the market for couple of years. It helps companies to automate repetitive tasks done by employees or to make integration between systems not having available endpoints. This session will help you to: * Learn what is RPA * Learn what is attended RPA vs. unattended RPA * Discover capabilities of UI flows * Discover capabilities of WinAutomation * Get inspired to use RPA in your processes too! Using RPA helps to increase effectiveness in processes by automation of the most repetitive tasks. It also ensures the tasks are done errorless. UI flows is GA since 1st April and quite recently Microsoft acquired Softomotive, maker of WinAutomation. Join me to learn today about the technology of the near future.

  • Introduction to Microsoft RPA - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Tomasz Poszytek image
    Tomasz Poszytek

    Experienced SharePoint & Office 365 consultant

Customer Service in 1 hour or less

Is it possible to create a Customer Service Solution in less than 1 hour that is production ready? I will walk you through a normal Customer Service implementation from start to finish. Looking at the OOTB features, and what needs to be done to make it ready. At the end of the session I will show you how fast we can create a fully functioning Customer Service solution using my GITHUB community solution.

  • Customer Service in 1 hour or less - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Thomas Sandsør image
    Thomas Sandsør

    EX professional soccer player. Passionate about the core CRM functions in Dynamics

Adding additional security in Canvas Apps

In this session, I will talk about how one can add an additional layer of security in canvas apps. The session includes demos where users can authenticate using Face Recognition, One Time Password or Email Buttons to a view a specific screen in a canvas app. At the end of the session, the attendees will have a better understanding of how to integrate Azure cognitive services, screen visibility and conditional navigation in canvas apps.

  • Add an additional layer of security in Canvas Apps - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Ritika Agarwal image
    Ritika Agarwal

    I am a cloud specialist with an overall IT industry experience of 3 years. I have worked on Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Docker, AWS and etc.

Power Platform Dataflows

With Power Platform dataflows, users can bring PowerQuery functionality to a cloud-only life. Created in the cloud, processed in the cloud and storing results in the cloud, dataflows can be seen as cloud native part of the ETL within the PowerPlatform. After their initial start in the Power BI universe, they now reached out into other parts of the PowerPlatform and be one of the future options of ETL pipelines to transfer data into data lakes. In addition to data transformation, dataflows can be enriched with AI functionality to bring more ML power into your ETL processes. Join this session if you want to learn more about the current feature set available and see what is new and possible with data preparation in the cloud with PowerPlatform dataflows.

  • Power Platform Dataflows - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Wolfgang Strasser image
    Wolfgang Strasser

    Wolfgang creates solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools in his day-to-day job as Data Consultant

Streamlining with Virtual Entities

The cost of storage and API calls in Power Apps and Dynamics 365 can be a concern for many organizations. The good news is there are ways to reduce your cost for storage and for integrations by leveraging Virtual Entities. In this session we'll take a look at building a custom data provider that connects to Azure SQL and eliminates the need to push certain kinds of data out of your Azure hosted or on-prem databases and into the potentially more costly DataFlex (formerly CDS) storage for your Model Driven App to consume.

  • Streamlining Implementations with Virtual Entities - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Michael Ochs image
    Michael Ochs

    Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Developer and Evangelist.

Turn paper into cache using AI Builder

In this session we will cover 3 of the core AI Builder models that allow you to convert paper document into data that you can integrate in your systems. After a brief overview of what AI Builder is about, we will get into the details of how to build and use the following types of models: * Receipt Scanning * Form Processing * Text Recognition At the end of this session you will understand the potential of how these tools could help your organization move into automated processing of paper to digital information.

  • Turn paper into cache using AI Builder - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Éric Sauvé image
    Éric Sauvé

    With many years of active work in the field of applied IT, automation and management solutions, I have demonstrated my high skills in taking charge of multiple projects of various styles and scopes. The level of complexity in terms of the number of stakeholders, suppliers, teams with different objectives met during client or internal mandates allow

Logic Apps Vs Power Automate

Power Automate is built on the top of Logic Apps and offers a comprehensive offering to build low code/no-code automation. Often the developers and architects have to decide which product to use while building automation. In this demo-driven session, we will cover the in-depth the key differences between Logic Apps and Power Automate and their suitable use cases. We will also cover the pricing and the extensibility model. You will learn : Key differences between Logic Apps and Power Automate How to extend Microsoft Flow using Logic Apps Best Practices of Logic Apps and Power Automate

  • Battle Royal - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Prashant G Bhoyar image
    Prashant G Bhoyar

    Prashant G Bhoyar is a Microsoft AI MVP and Microsoft Certified Professional. He currently works as a Senior Solution Architect at WithumSmith+Brown, P.C. (formerly Portal Solutions), one of the top 30 advisory and accounting firms in the United States.

Data Transformation and Manipulation in Power Apps

Businesses these days are completely data driven and we all can agree to the fact that there is no business without data. Power Apps connects to various data sources and can bring data from both your Cloud as well as on premise data sources into your Apps.

  • Data Transformation and Manipulation - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Yash Kamdar image
    Yash Kamdar

    Yash Kamdar is a Cloud Infrastructure Consultant at Rapid Circle and Muhimbi Consultant for Muhimbi Ltd - Home of the PDF Converter for SharePoint/Office 365/Power Platform.

    Clavin Fernandes image
    Clavin Fernandes

    Clavin Fernandes is a Technical Consultant at Rapid Circle and Support Manager for Muhimbi Ltd - Home of the PDF Converter for SharePoint / Office 365/ Power Platform.