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Power Apps - Zero to canvas

This is a hands on lab based course to build a canvas Power App. In this course you'll learn how to build a functionally complete canvas Power App for Happy Tails doggie daycare. You will set up your environment and import a solution; you will build the screens for the canvas app, then you will add the logic and finally you will build some automation using Power Automate. You do not need any prior Power Apps experience.

Watch the preview video below to learn more about the labs you'll be building in this course.

The app you are building is a companion app to the model-driven app that was made in the Zero to model-driven course.

It's nearly all labs

We'll have short lessons too, with the explicit goal of giving you the information you need to understand the next lab.

But we're building an app here

That's the goal. And we've got puppies too. The app you are building is for a doggie daycare.


Julie Yack

Julie Yack

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Course Module Details

Intro to canvas apps (0.5 Hours)
  • Intro to canvas apps
  • Demo making a canvas app

    Unlock the power of app building with Microsoft Power Apps, no coding skills required! In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll guide you through creating your first app, all you need is an idea. With the assistance of the Power Apps Copilot, you'll navigate the process smoothly and effectively. Let's turn your ideas into reality and make your workflow more efficient.

  • Setup Environment Lab

    In this first lab, we step you through getting your environment ready for the rest of the labs. First, you need a new environment, a developer environment is perfect. From there you will import our Happy Tails solution. Even if you completed our zero-to-model course, we want you to start fresh and use this solution. The labs were created with this in mind. And then finally we help you get set up with sample data. The more sample data you create to go along with our data import, the better. We provide pictures of some of our favorite pups, feel free to use your own.

Screens in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Intro to the labs Preview
  • Screens in canvas apps lab

    In this lab we start building your canvas app. First you create your new app in a solution, then you create three screens. The first screen is your main page, the second screen is for a report for the day and the third screen is for writing up a story for the weekly newsletter, Waggles. We will be adding logic and automation in the remaining labs. Canvas apps allow for loads of creativity. As you build out using our instructions, think of ways that you might want it to visually appear, then circle back after the logic and automation labs to try out some additional visual elements that don’t change the logic but might improve the user experience.

Logic in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Logic in canvas apps Lab

    Now that we have the screens we need, it’s time to add some logic. In order to do that we have to make a view in Dataverse to use. We offload this logic to Dataverse instead of creating the query in the Power App. Once we have the view we need we start to build out more logic. We add logic to update the visit record, logic to relate dogs that play together. Then we add new post records for our newsletter and then we finish with the relationship between all the pets and the stories we’ve made.

Automation in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Automation in canvas apps Lab

    In this automation lab we use cloud flows to close out our story for Happy Tails and the canvas pp. This automation helps give the customers value from the user actions in the canvas app. The first cloud flow builds and delivers a daily email with info about the visit from the notes made in the canvas app. The second one is a bit more difficult and takes all our posts and crafts a weekly newsletter called Waggles, that goes to all our Happy Tails families every week.

Course complete (2 Minutes)
  • Certificate of completion available