Power Apps - Zero to canvas

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This is a hands on lab based course to build a canvas Power App. In this course you'll learn how to build a functionally complete canvas Power App for Happy Tails doggie daycare. You will set up your environment and import a solution; you will build the screens for the canvas app, then you will add the logic and finally you will build some automation using Power Automate. You do not need any prior Power Apps experience. The app you are building is a companion app to the model-driven app that was made in the Zero to model-driven course.

It's nearly all labs

We'll have short lessons too, with the explicit goal of giving you the information you need to understand the next lab.

But we're building an app here

That's the goal. And we've got puppies too. The app you are building is for a doggie daycare.


Julie Yack

Julie Yack

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Course Module Details

Intro to canvas apps (0.5 Hours)
  • Intro to canvas apps
  • Setup Environment Lab
Screens in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Screens in canvas apps
  • Screens in canvas apps lab
Logic in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Logic in canvas apps
  • Logic in canvas apps Lab
Automation in canvas apps (1.5 Hours)
  • Automation in canvas apps
  • Automation in canvas apps Lab
Course complete (2 Minutes)
  • Certificate of completion available