Power Apps portals Security Deep Dive


If you are a maker, solution architect, developer or functional consultant and would like to get a deeper understanding of how to configure and apply the various Power Apps portals security features, this course is for you! We will first ask the question of why portal security is important and then drill down into the concepts of portal users, web roles, page permissions and entity permissions on how they are related to each other to allow you to configure a secure Power Apps portal. Developers will also benefit from understanding how to apply portal security concepts when developing custom Liquid and JavaScript code on portal projects.


Nick Doelman

Nick Doelman

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Course Module Details


We will kick off this course with an introduction and why Power Apps portal security is important.

  • Introduction to portal security
    2 Minutes 
  • Vocabulary Updates for CDS/Dataverse
    10 Minutes 

This module is an overview of Power Apps portals authentication and the relationship between Dataverse contact records and Power Apps portals users.

  • Authentication
    13 Minutes 
  • Authentication Test Your Knowledge
    5 Minutes 
Web Roles

In this module we cover how to configure Power Apps portals Web Roles for anonymous and authenticated users and relating them to Dataverse contacts.

  • Web Roles
    6 Minutes 
  • Web Roles Test Your Knowledge
    5 Minutes 
Page Permissions

This module covers the steps to only allow pages and related menu links to be visible to certain web roles. This module also covers how the Web Page Access Control Rule portal metadata is used to manage page permissions.

  • Page Permissions
    11 Minutes 
  • Page Permissions Test Your Knowledge
    5 Minutes 
Entity Permissions

In this module we will learn how to setup and configure Entity Permissions to control access to Dataverse data. We will also examine some Liquid tags to determine your portal users access and also discuss the relationship between Entity Permissions and the new Portal WebAPI.

  • Entity Permissions
    20 Minutes 
  • Entity Permissions Test Your Knowledge
    5 Minutes 
Limiting Portal Access

In this module we will learn how to configure IP address restrictions and maintenance mode to limit access to your Power Apps portal.

  • Limiting Portal Access
    5 Minutes 
  • Limited Portal Access Test Your Knowledge
    5 Minutes