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Power Platform - Zero to pipelines

This is a hands-on lab-based course to build Power Platform pipelines. In this course you'll learn how to setup and run pipelines in Power Platform. You will also learn how to automate your ALM by extending the pipeline with approvals, Power Automate cloud flow and GitHub workflows.

Advanced Features

This course includes 365Ai that allows you to interactively learn.


Hassan Rage

Hassan Rage

Power Platform user, enthusiast, developer, teacher, and student.

Course Module Details

Intro to pipelines (1 Hours)
  • Intro to pipelines
  • 365Ai for pipelines
  • Labs Overview Preview
  • Pipelines Basics

    In this lab, you will sign up for a free Power Apps subscription, you will then create development, test, and deployment environments. After creating the environments, you will perform the flowing tasks: Install pipeline into the Deploy environment. Test the applications you imported. Create deployment pipeline. Run the pipeline. Test the applications in the test environment.

Extending Pipelines with Approvals (30 Minutes)
  • Extending Pipelines with Approvals

    In this lab, you will create a solution and a publisher, and then you will create a cloud flow that will get triggered when pipeline deployment is requested. The cloud flow will send an approval request and wait for its outcome. The flow will then complete the deployment if the request is approved or reject it if the request is not approved.

Extending Pipeline - GitHub Actions (30 Minutes)
  • Extending Pipeline -GitHub Actions

    In this lab, you will create an application registration and a user secret. You will perform the below tasks: Create a GitHub organization. Create a repository. Set up a workflow. Create access token. Update the cloud flow you created in lab 2. Test the GitHub workflow.

Course complete (7 Minutes)
  • Test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion