Power Platform 24 Conference March 2022 | Why we need to put Accessibility FIRST

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Why we need to put Accessibility FIRST
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    60 Minutes

    Accessibility is often the last-minute bolt-on that somebody might mention right at the end of a project. It's often greeted with cries of "No Budget", "Not Requested", "Out Of Scope". Why don't customers request it? Is it that they have given up asking? Do they assume we'll include it? Or is it that they assume the costs will be too high for the benefits? Unfortunately we often sweep the subject under the carpet and hope that nobody points it out... This needs to change! Accessibility needs to be the FOUNDATION of what we build, not the afterthought. As websites are starting to be required, by law, to be accessible - how long will it be before we are mandated to be building accessibility into all we do? Join me as I explain why this is such an important issue, discuss the massively positive impact it can have, and show that it doesn't cost the earth to include it.

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    Mike Hartley

    With a background in IT of 25+ years, and a history of Dynamics since v3.0, Mike is an experienced and seasoned veteran. Passionate about all things Microsoft, a cheerleader for Community, and an Advocate for all things to do with Accessibility, Mental Health, Diversity, Inclusion and more...