Power Platform 24 Conference May 2021 | Using Power BI to build a IP Dashboard

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Using Power BI to build a IP Dashboard

The session is structured for both new users to Power BI and those that may be using Power BI (or even Tableau) on a regular basis. The focus will be building a IP dashboard with Power BI so it incorporates both patent and trademark data. The session will begin with an initial overview of Power BI (datasets, reports & its pages, dashboards) and building the dashboard using examples from patent & trademark search results. While the focus will be on an Intellectual Property (IP) Dashboard, the techniques can be applied to creating visuals from any other data. If time permits along with a prayer to the demo gods, a Power BI Dashboard will (hopefully) be built from raw data live using the tips learned throughout the session. Key Takeaways: Overview of IP and Power BI Understanding of "tools" used with developing the Power BI reports & Dashboards including leveraging DAX Exploration of the stages with building a dashboard and its implementation

  • Using Power BI to build a IP Dashboard - Video