Power Platform 24 Conference February 2020 | Top 10 Data Storytelling Techniques in Power BI

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Top 10 Data Storytelling Techniques in Power BI

As data analysts, we are constantly challenged to think harder about how we can turn mountains of data into business actions. Join Alice for an interactive, demo heavy session packed full of Power BI hacks, tips and tricks, where she showcases her TOP 10 storytelling techniques from a range of case studies across the environmental industry.

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    60 Minutes

    Christian Borovac image
    Christian Borovac

    Having co-founded DiscoverEI, an environmental intelligence company, I have a passion for helping clients visualise the complex environmental problems that we are working to solve. I achieve this by combining data analytics with the development of dashboards, motion graphics and animations to really bring environmental data to life.

    Alice Drummond image
    Alice Drummond

    Alice and Christian are the two Co-Founders of DiscoverEI and their passion is combining the Power Platform, graphic design and computer animations to bring environmental data to life! Drawing on their backgrounds in environmental engineering, they work collaboratively with government organisations to turn mountains of data into practical, useful,