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2021 - Meeting Recordings

Catch up on all the 2021 XrmVirtual meetings.

  • Virtualization in Dataverse - Virtual Tables
    60 Minutes

    In this session, we will discuss the concept and use of virtual tables, why are they relevant, when should they be used and a demo of them working. We will also briefly talk about the next upcoming feature "Virtual Connector Providers" currently in private preview within Microsoft. Once it is out there, it will allow us to use connectors to streamline data to Dataverse. I'll not brush bits in this session so both Pro and Citizen developers are welcome.

    Henrique Silvestr image
    Henrique Silvestr

    I'm a computer scientist with nearly a decade of experience breaking and then fixing (a.k.a Designing and Implementing) solutions for web-based applications using Microsoft technologies, mainly focusing on business applications specifically Dynamics CRM and now Power Platform.