Daryl LaBar

Daryl LaBar

Daryl has been a MS MVP since 2016 with over 11 years of consulting experience as a Dataverse developer. He is very active in the open source community with multiple projects that he has created/maintains. He contributes to the XrmToolBox (XrmToolBox.com) on a regular basis, is the creator of the XrmToolBox plugins "Early Bound Generator", "Attribute Manager", and "Visual Studio Solution Accelerator". Daryl is also the creator of XrmUnitTest, an opensource C# Xrm Unit Testing / Framework Library, and a top Stack Overflow contributor for CRM. He also is the co-host of the XrmToolCast Podcast with fellow MVP Scott Durow. In Feb. of 2019 Daryl started his own consulting business, Gap Integrity LLC, where he continues to focus on architecting the code frameworks required to solve his client’s business needs, as well as provide developer training throughout the world.

Guest Appearances

  • Tips and Tricks for Managing the Low Code Portion of Complex Canvas Apps
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference November 2, 2022

    In this tips and tricks session, learn how to organize and manage Canvas Apps with extremely large amounts of "low code".