Joseph Duty

Joseph Duty

I’m a Senior Consultant with MCS Federal living in the Washington DC metro area. I’ve been a Dynamics consultant/developer for 11 years, almost entirely within the US Federal industry. I’m passionate about integrating Dynamics/Power Apps/CDS/Dataverse with the larger Azure ecosystem to build out seamless solutions for large customers.

Guest Appearances

  • 2021 - Meeting Recordings
    Monitoring your plugins with App Insights
    60 Minutes 

    xRMVirtual User Group Recordings

    How many times have you written complex plugins and needed to gain insights into usage/bugs/performance issues/etc? Plugin trace log is a decent feature to get granular for debugging purposes in development environments, but is severely limited for investigating production scenarios given lack of searchability, reportability, and usability, as well as for macro-level analysis like usage and performance trends. Enter App Insights Monitoring of Plugins, where you can have a dedicated monitoring tool that is fully queryable and massively scalable to the largest production workloads.