Katerina Chernevskaya

Katerina Chernevskaya

Katerina, an MVP, MCT, and renowned public speaker, focuses on Power Platform & AI. With twenty years of experience and key certifications in PROSCI, PMI, Power Platform Solution Architect, she leads in app development, AI, and adaptive work models. Active in the Microsoft community, Katerina mentors new tech talent and supports innovation. Katerina takes part in the #SharingIsCaring initiative, guiding community contributions to the Microsoft Sample Solution Gallery.

Guest Appearances

  • Hour 19 - Maximizing App Potential: Integrating Azure Insights and Process Mining for Enhanced User
    Maximizing App Potential: Integrating Azure Insights and Process Mining for Enhanced User Experience
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference March 2024

    In the dynamic landscape of application development, it's not just about making apps better for users. It's also key to spot and fix performance problems early. If not, these issues might slip through, leading to unhappy users, poor app performance, and even users giving up on the app. Catching these problems early is vital to keep your app competitive and in good shape. Our session offers a smart solution: combining Microsoft Azure Application Insights with your apps and using Process Mining for deeper analysis. Azure Application Insights gives detailed statistics on how people use your apps and how well they perform. By linking this service with your apps, you get a clear picture of both usage and performance. We go a step further in this session by bringing in Process Mining. This tool takes all that data and turns it into useful insights. It shows you exactly how users interact with your app and where it can be improved. We'll also look at the role of Copilot in Process Mining. Copilot is like a smart helper, making it easier to find and fix any issues. It speeds up analyzing data and makes it simpler, which is great for both developers and those making decisions. Join us in this session to learn how to connect your apps with Azure Application Insights and use Process Mining and Copilot for thorough analysis.

  • Improve the UX of Power Apps Canvas apps with Microsoft Application Insights
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference November 2, 2022

    One of the important stages of the application life cycle is monitoring the user experience in order to identify bottlenecks and improve applications. Microsoft offers a powerful service for collecting usage statistics - Application Insights. The integration of this service with Power Apps Canvas applications allows you to flexibly monitor user activity and make decisions on the development of the application based on the collected data. In this session, we will look at how to set up Application Insights, options for integrating it into Power Apps Canvas apps, and learn how to build queries and collect data.