Leon Tribe

Leon Tribe

Leon Tribe is a Business Applications community leader based in Sydney, Australia. His passion is “Helping others make the world a better place”, doing this through the intelligent use of technology to make them more efficient and effective. An engaging public speaker, his proudest moment was presenting to the Dynamics product team at Redmond on the competitive landscape of their product.In recognition of his passion and focus on Dynamics 365, Leon was awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP award) in 2009 and has been re-awarded every year since.

Guest Appearances

  • Playing Games with the Power Virtual Assistant
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference March 2022

    10 years ago, I created "Lost in Redmond", a text-based adventure game using the now deprecated Dialogs feature of Dynamics. In this presentation I show how I updated the game to use the Power Virtual Assistant (PVA). While it is unlikely that the PVA will become the next games platform, the presentation will provide insight in how the PVA can be easily set up to meet a variety of business needs. If you are curious about what PVA is or how to set it up, this session will give you a hands-on overview and show just how easy it is to use.