Mats Necker

Mats Necker

Working for 10 years with Microsoft Biz Apps as a solution architect / developer, started with BC nowadays loving the Power Platform & Azure

Guest Appearances

  • The hidden Powers of Custom Connectors
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference November 2, 2022

    With custom connectors, you can combine the flexibility of APIs with the easy-to-use awesomeness that is the Power Platform. While there are a lot of examples for simple connectors, custom connectors offer a variety of advanced but less well-known features. Let's change the less-know part! Did you know that you can have fields with dynamic option values? Or that you can create action where some fields are completely dynamic and loaded at runtime? You can even create custom connectors with custom triggers. We will spend little time on theory but instead are focusing on awesome features in live demos.

  • Embed everything! Combine all Power Platform features!
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference 2021

    Power Platform offers a lot of different tools, half the way is knowing when to use what. And if you really want to get your solutions to the next level, integrating these tools is the way to go. In this session we will do live demos of different ways to join the structured world which is Model Driven Apps with tailored UX using Canvas Apps to create awesome solutions. It will include all the good parts -> Canvas Apps 🎨 Model-Driven Apps 💻 Power BI 📊