Nicholas Hayduk

Nicholas Hayduk

As the founder of Engineered Code, I lead a team with expertise in web development and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. My previous experience at Adxstudio has allowed us to be a trusted Microsoft partner that specializes in the Dynamics 365/PowerApps Portal product. We work with both customers and other partners to help ensure your Portal implementation is a success!

Guest Appearances

  • Hour 10 - 10 Tips to Plan for a Successful Power Pages Project
    10 Tips to Plan for a Successful Power Pages Project
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference March 2024

    Join Business Applications MVP Nicholas Hayduk of Engineered Code as he shares his experiences implementing Power Pages. Nick will cover his favorite tips he uses to help people all over the world succeed with their Pages projects, including what skills you need from project team members, where to find the best training resources, and how to avoid common pitfalls. This session is great for those just getting started with Power Pages, and for those experienced with other parts of Microsoft’s Power Platform. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of how to run a successful Power Pages implementation, start to finish.

  • Authentication in Power Apps Portals
    Authentication in Power Apps Portals
    60 Minutes 

    Fall into Power Apps Portals

    While anonymous access can be useful, the real "power" of Power Apps Portals is letting people login and interact with their data. Portals supports a multitude of different options when it comes to how the users can login - in this session, we'll cover why you don't want to use the built-in Local Authentication, we'll do an overview of supported external identity providers/protocols, and we'll look at the new interface Microsoft recently released to make the configuration much less error prone. We'll also do a live demonstration of how to setup Microsoft's preferred authentication solution, Azure AD B2C. Authentication is something you need to deal with in every single Power Apps Portals project, and it can be a bit scary - join us for this session to take away a little bit of that fear!