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All about Xrm.Tools

Xrm.Tools is a free community site that has tools to help you work with Dynamics 365. In this course we will explore how the site works and each of the tools. Additionally, we will cover how to share your own ideas for new tools. Developers can also learn how to build tools for the community.


David Yack

David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

Intro to Xrm.Tools (5 Minutes)

In this module we will introduce you to how Xrm.Tools works and show you how to get started using it with your organization.

Using the Business Rule Viewer (6 Minutes)

Quickly view all the business rules in a Dynamics 365 Organization without visiting each entity.

  • Business Rule Viewer Walkthrough
Using the Security Role Explorer (Planned)

Quickly view and compare security roles. This includes the ability to look at the combined roles of a user!

Using the Server Trigger Explorer (Planned)

Quickly explore Business Rules, Workflows and Plugins and the order they execute on the server

Using the Access Token Generator (Planned)

The Access Token Generator helps developers quickly generate an Access Token to authenticate to Dynamics 365 without having to setup and register an application. It is great for test scenarios.

Using the Web API Builder (Planned)

This module is to help developers learn how to use the Web API Builder to build queries using the new Web API endpoint. Developers can generate code snippets for using the Xrm.Tools.CRMWebAPI library