David Yack

David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP. As a senior hands’ on technology and business consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, David enjoys developing applications on the Microsoft platforms, specializing in large system architecture and design. David focus is on helping clients migrate and build new applications on Microsoft technologies, as well as helping to mentor and train their staffs. David is a is a frequent speaker/trainer at user group, industry events and private company events around the world. Antarctica is the only continent David hasn't been on and he is accepting invitations. David has been on the author team of multiple .NET and Dynamics related books . He lives in Colorado with his wife. You can read his blog at blog.davidyack.com.

Courses Available

App in a Day thumbnail image
App in a Day

App in day provides beginners hands-on experience with Microsoft Power Platform.

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Power Apps - Zero to PCF thumbnail image
Power Apps - Zero to PCF

Learn how to build components with the Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)

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Microsoft Dataverse thumbnail image
Microsoft Dataverse

Leveraging Microsoft Dataverse to build real world business solutions

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Using Liquid with Power Pages thumbnail image
Using Liquid with Power Pages

Learn how to use Liquid with Power Pages, from basics to advanced topics

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Using Power Automate with Dataverse thumbnail image
Using Power Automate with Dataverse

Learn how to build Power Automate flows using the Dataverse connector

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Power Fx Commanding thumbnail image
Power Fx Commanding

Customize Power Apps command bar buttons using Power Fx logic

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Building Custom Connectors thumbnail image
Building Custom Connectors

Learn how to create custom connectors that can be used by Power Apps and Power Automate

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Introducing Microsoft Dataverse for Teams thumbnail image
Introducing Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Introducing Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, a built-in low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams

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Power Automate Field Guide thumbnail image
Power Automate Field Guide

Practical training for using Power Automate

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Developer Cohort- Interest thumbnail image
Developer Cohort- Interest

A 365.Training community of professionals learning together

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Low code plug-ins with Dataverse thumbnail image
Low code plug-ins with Dataverse

Using low code Power Fx to make Dataverse plug-ins

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Power Fx Basics thumbnail image
Power Fx Basics

Learn the basics of Microsoft Power Fx and how it works with the Power Platform

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Microsoft Dataverse plug-ins thumbnail image
Microsoft Dataverse plug-ins

Learn how to build plug-ins to extend Microsoft Dataverse

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Dataverse Custom APIs thumbnail image
Dataverse Custom APIs

Extend the Microsoft Dataverse API with your own custom messages

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Power Apps Canvas Components thumbnail image
Power Apps Canvas Components

Learn how to build and use Power Apps Canvas Components.

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Creating Power BI Visualizations with Microsoft Dataverse thumbnail image
Creating Power BI Visualizations with Microsoft Dataverse

Get started using Power BI with Microsoft Dataverse

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Power Platform thumbnail image
Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Power Platform

Everyone has to start somewhere and you can start right here

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Using the 365.Training Connector thumbnail image
Using the 365.Training Connector

Learn how to use our certified connector to build your own apps, flows and chatbots

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JSON for makers thumbnail image
JSON for makers

Learn the basics of JSON to make you more productive as a maker

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All about Xrm.Tools thumbnail image
All about Xrm.Tools

Learn all about the Xrm.Tools community site and how to use the tools

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