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Low code plug-ins with Dataverse

Get hands on experience using low code Power Fx to build automations that used to require traditional coding to accomplish. Learn how to build low-code plug-ins using Power Fx that can be used on demand from Power Apps or Power Automate or triggered by Dataverse table events. We will explore the different types of plug-ins you can build and how to build them.

Advanced Features

This course includes 365Ai that allows you to interactively learn.


David Yack

David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

Building plug-ins (1.5 Hours)
  • Plug-in Basics

    In this video David will explain what low-code plug-ins are and how to build them. You will learn the different types and when to use them. David will cover many important details to save you time building your plug-ins.

  • Hands on lab

    Get hands on creating a low-code plug-in that would allow the users to create new visit records if the visit scheduled drop off date is in the past or the visit scheduled pickup date is before the scheduled drop off date.

  • FAQ

    Review 25 of the most common questions and answers about low code plug-ins

  • Knowledge Check

    Take a minute and test what you have learned so far in this course.