Using Power Automate with Dataverse cover image

Using Power Automate with Dataverse

In this course David Yack shares his experience building real world automations using Power Automate and Microsoft Dataverse (formerly the Common Data Service). You will quickly get up to speed on how to efficiently trigger flows based on Dataverse business data modifications, on a schedule, or on demand. The real magic starts to happen as you query and navigate data relationships. Using flow execution controls and expressions you will implement business logic like an expert. David also will cover advanced concepts like transactions and invoking custom developer created business logic using actions. After taking this class you will be ready to use Power Automate on your projects.

Who is this for

  • Anyone building projects with Microsoft Dataverse
  • Dynamics 365 consultants moving from Classic Workflow

What you will learn

  • All the basics in case you are new to building flows
  • How to choose the right connector to use
  • How to configure and optimize your flows triggers
  • How to query data, including advanced query examples
  • All the details on using Create, Update and Delete
  • How to do transactional work with flow
  • How to navigate relationships and connect data
  • Use advanced actions to invoke developer business logic
  • Include your existing classic workflow activities in flow steps
  • How to develop an ALM strategy to move your flows between environments

What's included in the course

  • Work at your own pace - There are nine modules with high-definition videos. Take the class at the pace you want, when you have time available.
  • Gain hands on experience - Learn by doing the hands on labs to practice what you learned from the videos. We also provide support if you run into a problem completing our hands on labs.
  • FAQs - Most modules have a FAQ that we regularly update with new items.
  • Test your knowledge - Take the quiz at the end of each module to reinforce your learning.
  • Latest updates - Regular updates to content as Power Automate evolves.
  • Ask me anything - Got a question related to the content we don't cover, ask me.


David Yack

David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

01 - Course Overview (0.5 Hours)
  • Overview
  • Lab - Setup Environment
  • Vocabulary Updates for CDS/Dataverse Preview
02 - The Basics (1.5 Hours)
  • Overview
  • Which Connector?
  • Connector Triggers and Actions
  • Variables and Compose
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Expression Basics
  • Editing Tips
  • FAQ
  • Lab - Build a flow
  • Test your knowledge
03 - Trigger Deep dive (1 Hours)
  • Overview
  • Run As
  • Triggers in middle
  • FAQ
  • Test your knowledge
04 - Querying Data (1.5 Hours)
  • Get a Row
  • List Row Basics
  • List Row - FetchXML
  • FetchXML Paging
  • Filter Query Examples
  • FAQ
  • Lab - Query and Triggers
  • Test your knowledge
05 - Create, Update, Delete (1 Hours)
  • Create,Update,Delete
  • Execute Changeset
  • FAQ
  • Lab - Update
  • Test your knowledge
06 - Working with Relationships (1 Hours)
  • Overview
  • Lab - Relationships
  • Test your knowledge
07 - Using Actions (1 Hours)
  • Actions
  • Custom Workflow Activites
  • Custom Actions
  • Lab - Actions
  • Test your knowledge
08 - Moving from Classic (18 Minutes)
  • Moving from classic
  • FAQ
09 - ALM (1 Hours)
  • ALM Overview
  • Environment Vars
  • Lab - Environment Vars
  • Solution layers
  • Connection References
  • FAQ
Course complete (2 Minutes)
  • Certificate of completion available