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Multilingual PowerApps

Around the World in 60 minutes - How to create Enterprise-wide

  • Multilingual PowerApps - Video
    60 Minutes

    Supporting multiple languages for corporations is a necessity in multilingual countries, such as Canada, Belgium, Italy, and others. The same applies to organizations having a workforce that is distributed across the globe. One common challenge in building solutions to support multilingualism is the creation and maintenance of such solutions as they evolve and more languages are added. In this session, we will implement a PowerApps framework for supporting multiple languages. Elements that will be covered include static labels, list entries, caching, and more.

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    Haniel Croitoru

    Enterprise Architect and Microsoft MVP with over 15 years of experience in Office 365 and SharePoint. Since 2003 I have been focusing on SharePoint, delivering solutions and contributing as a SharePoint consultant, project manager, business analyst, and traine