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Power Apps - Zero to model-driven

This is a hands-on lab based course to build a model-driven Power App. In this course you'll learn how to build a functionally complete model-driven Power App for Happy Tails doggie daycare. You will build the data model (including custom tables, fields, and relationships), user experience (including custom forms and views and a custom app), form automation (adding a business process flow and business rules), process automation (build your own flow and import an existing flow). You do not need any prior Power Apps experience.

Watch the preview video below to learn more about the labs you'll be building in this course.

Advanced Features

This course includes 365Ai that allows you to interactively learn.

Well, it's not ALL labs

We'll have short lessons too, with the explicit goal of giving you the information you need to understand the next lab.

But we're building an app here

That's the goal. And we've got puppies too. The app you are building is for a doggie daycare.


Julie Yack

Julie Yack

Trainer. Author. Mentor. Learner. Problem-solver. Globetrotter. Microsoft MVP.

Hassan Rage

Hassan Rage

Power Platform user, enthusiast, developer, teacher, and student.

Course Module Details

Intro to model-driven (1 Hours)
  • Intro to model-driven
  • 365Ai Model-driven apps
  • Labs Overview Preview
  • Intro to model-driven lab

    In this first lab you will follow the steps to set up your training environment. It is important that you use a brand-new, non-production environment for completing these labs.

  • Model-driven demo
Data modeling (1.5 Hours)
  • 365Ai Dataverse

    365Ai is your training copilot and allows you to ask questions in context of your learning.

  • Data modeling lab

    This lab focuses on the data model. You will start by adding your publisher and creating a solution to contain your customizations. Then from there you add table definitions, fields, and relationships. Additionally, you will create a new security role to use in your app.

User experience (1 Hours)
  • User experience lab

    For this lab you are focused on creating a good user experience. You will create forms and views from the tables you just created in the prior lab. Once that is complete you will compose your model-driven app. Make sure to take a test run as a user.

Form automation (1 Hours)
  • Form automation lab

    It's time to add some automation to your app. In this lab you will add both business rules and a business process flow.

Process automation (1.5 Hours)
  • Process automation lab

    This lab will have you not only creating a cloud flow, but also importing one that we've provided to you. You will run this flow to populate some reference data that you need. This lab also has a bonus exercise to add a quick view form of the pet information to include on the visit form.

Copilot (30 Minutes)
  • Copilot Lab
Course complete (2 Minutes)
  • Certificate of completion available